четверг, 5 апреля 2012 г.

Import cargo to/via Finland - mandatory HS 6-digit code

As part of the EU Advanced Customs Manifest, Finland has Advanced Cargo Manifest Rule as first EU-port and also as a subsequent EU-port, which has been in effect for all inbound cargo to Finland since 1st Jan 2011. We have had severe issues with the cargo description quality, so a WCO HS 6-digit code will be made mandatory for all Import cargo to/via Finland.
Starting April 1, 2012 - the WCO HS 6-digit code must be submitted with all Transport Document/Shipping Instructions and it will need to be updated in our system for all shipments in the origin country.
It is to be noted that all different commodities must be manifested under separate cargo lines, so shippers need to submit one HS code per every (different) commodity.
At the same time - April 1 - the "No doc No load" policy will be introduced - thus unless the Transport Document/Shipping Instructions have been received in accordance to the documentation cut off time at load port with the mandatory 6-digit HS-code - the cargo will be not be loaded at origin.

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